Late. Sorry, Cat Meat Baby.


saftey. concentration. peacefulness. calmness

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge


No note. No escape.

The Boss stands there. Scolding with his eyes. Never a word.

His neck swivels noting as I slip past. Not a sound.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Tx

I quickly pour and back off.

Offer accepted?

I tried for some variety this time.

A short glance. Sufficient.

“OK Girls. Come on down.”

He jerks his head.

Fluffs his shoulders even more square.

And hearts a-flutter, they quickly moved to his side.

Loudly cooing over his power and unquestionable authority, they preen.

Silly girls.

He always looks for a good heart.

With measured steps, he moves slightly to the side.

Settles in for morning watch.

Observing without being obvious about it – with the usual caution that comes with experience.

A nod to the Molly who tail wags – delighted with the recognition and trust.

“Rumor has it,” Molly breathlessly whispered so as not to disturb the new arrivals,

“He was in partnership…

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